PORTAL_01 is the second chapter in the PORTAL_00 series. Following the first journey to a wild and uninhibited all-female underworld, travellers are this time transported to its’ parallel or ‘sister’ universe, otherwise known as ‘the 7th dimension’. The 7th is very different to its dark and unruly sister-universe. While it has similarities in the uncanny familiarity of the mood and faces of the civilians (who are, of course, all female), fundamental structural differences appear to have set this civilisation onto another path. With their city and civilisation, it’s colour and perfection, comes a sense of order and control. A conformity in their wildness - the work of an anonymous architect.

PORTAL_01 [2017, Virtual Reality] transports users to a surreal all-female dimension, where attitudes towards female disposition and etiquette are explored through hyper-saturated, hyper-exaggerated feminine characters. Particularly focussing on the eerie perfectionism, fickleness and sexualisation of female characters in science-fiction and video games. The knife’s edge of acceptability when it comes to someone else’s interpretation of what is sexy, of what is woman.

VR created in collaboration with Charles Harrop-Griffiths.


The experience, featuring an eerie soundtrack by musicians Archy Marshall (King Krule) and Jack Towell, was debuted at Boomtown Festival in June 2017, and has since been shown at the Gazelli Art House, London and Centrum Gallery, Berlin.  


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