"Crushed by the pressures of being 25 in the 21st century, a young woman dreams of a perfect version of herself in a perfect world."

Ellen is a 25 year old woman living in London. Like most 25-year-old-women-living-in-London, she has come to reap the rewards of the big city. But here she is out of her depth. She doesn’t stand out like she used to at home. A speck of dust in a vast and daunting world saturated with so many new colours and vibrancies that she feels comparatively monochromatic. Inspired by a dream, she creates an online alter ego @synthia. A perfect woman who lives in a perfect world. As desperation takes over, the line between reality and fantasy begins to blur. Slowly she retreats into her dreamworld until one day she disappears completely.


Mundania [2018, mixed media] is a modern sci-fi tale exploring sexuality, creativity and competitiveness in the age of social media and the need to build an authentic identity for ourselves online.

The multidisciplinary project is explored through a number of mediums including photography, film and virtual reality.

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